Scientists have known for decades that germicidal UV light (wavelength around 254 nm) has the capacity to kill viruses and bacteria. Hospitals and laboratories often use germicidal UV light to sterilize unoccupied rooms, as well as other equipment.

Learnable Robotic Mobile UVC

Hidden 24/7 UVC incorporated into HVAC System

Permanent After-Hours Ceiling Mount UVC


The miniaturization of controllable UV-C light tubes have made the use more prevalent.  You can artificially create lamps to emit exact nanometer wavelengths for UVC directionally or in 360 degree mode.

It has now been proven that UVC light at a targeted 254nm wavelength is effective at inactivating airborne and surface pathogens like the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Properly Applied artificial UV-C lighting process proven to disinfect to 99.99% effectivity.

Answer these questions and receive free consultation so we can custom design your SOLUTION

What type and size of space(s) are you looking to design for disinfection?

How many people (daily average) pass through the space(s)?

Are you looking to disinfect Air, Surfaces or both?

How are these spaces / items cleaned now? Nightly? Per Use?

Do you have maintenance personnel that could be trained on how to incorporate a portable system (carts, mobile units) or would a fixed system (wall & ceiling mounted units) with app-based timer control and safety sensors suit your needs better?

Are you interested in Gov’t Loans and/or project financing?

Our mission is to provide ESCOs, Owners and Property Managers multiple options behind specific programs to meet their personal needs. This begins with a detailed walkthrough and audit of the facility where we originate a comprehensive analysis that separates the potential energy measures (i.e. baseline load, existing fixture types, hours of operation, etc.) into an all-inclusive cost and savings breakdown to fit budget and prioritized needs.


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