Hunt specializes in complicated and full scale energy-efficient lighting projects of any size

We can fulfill any customer requirements by offering either full turnkey packages or IGA / consulting / design or labor-only support to the government, commercial and ESCO communities. We have relationships with all major equipment manufacturers and distributors in order to develop the most appropriate design proposal.

Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional and Certified Lighting Management Consultant on staff

Multiple Master Electricians, Professional Project Managers and Critical Path Schedulers on staff

Licensed, Experienced and Safety Trained crews of sizes ranging from 4-24

Electrical Commissioning, RFP Scope Development, Utility Rebates and 179D EPact Government Tax Credit Evaluation and Submission

In addition to all of the normal requirements, we provide the following value added services to our offering. These are the usual supportive efforts that we supply to our customers.

Along with the NEC and State Safety Code requirements, we hold and document QC and Mutual Understanding safety meetings with crews and customers throughout the project to develop RFIs and Benchmarks for success.

All nightly installations will be documented, confirmed and delivered to the customer for as-built review and final installation / savings calculations. HC will assist in generating field readings for pre-and-post lighting and power records.

Safety shall be the prime consideration while on site. Work shoes, long pants, shirts, sleeves and a midriff is the minimum standard on site. Gloves, eye, ear and face protection must be used whenever appropriate. Clothing with offensive language, and loose or torn clothing can be a cause for removal from the site. ALL MEN WILL BE UNIFORMED WITH PPE IN USE AT ALL TIMES.

We are trained to commission or support manufacturer direct commissioning efforts with our current staff. We provide the final Operations and Maintenance Manual that summarizes the new lighting technologies, instruction manuals and warranty information as standard.

Critical Path Scheduling through MS Project, PlanGrid or Other Platforms.

All work will be performed in accordance with the Plans, Specifications, Scope of Work, B.O.C.A. Code, N.F.P.A., N.E.C., and all applicable local codes governing work.

HUNT Current EMR Rating – 0.76

Our mission is to provide ESCOs, Owners and Property Managers multiple options behind specific programs to meet their personal needs. This begins with a detailed walkthrough and audit of the facility where we originate a comprehensive analysis that separates the potential energy measures (i.e. baseline load, existing fixture types, hours of operation, etc.) into an all-inclusive cost and savings breakdown to fit budget and prioritized needs.


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