HUNT Consulting is certified into the Association of Energy Engineers and the United States MBE programs as a preferred vendor in the energy, lighting and general contracting arena. We are fully licensed in multiple states, along with being bonded and insured with our original providers since the inception of our company.

We start with an initial complementary HUNT Consulting lighting system appraisal to develop a baseline for improvement. Our successful approach is to educate our customers on the potential inside each building. This study will analyze your existing lighting program and benchmark all of the savings opportunities. After you understand the possibilities, we can follow up with our comprehensive proposal, in which you will receive several upgrade options.We will show you how much money can be saved with each option. We will introduce you to all of the new technologies and products available on the market. You can then understand and estimate the extent of your desired expenditure – how it will be financed and what strategy should be utilized. Most lighting projects can pay for themselves within 2-5 years; the first step is to produce an informed report of the current building situation.  Some of your buildings may have had a recent energy upgrade, while others have not. Therefore, we are prepared to do the leg work for you to determine which buildings are better candidates for an energy upgrade.

Additionally, our feasibility studies come with both a traditional payment plan where the project is paid for in the normal fashion – as it is completed. We also offer a secondary option which pays for the project in time. Instead of paying up front for the project, we will GUARANTEE AN AMOUNT THAT YOU will save every month from our PERFORMANCE and from that create a comfortable payment plan which does not go into effect until the project is complete. Our Measurement and Verification Team will work with you during and after the installation to analyze the utility statements and confirm the savings and you will payback an amount LESS than the reduction of your utility bill every month – so your project is completely paid for over the 2-5 years from found moneys already in your operating budget.

Throughout the entire execution of the contract, we will provide the project management to serve you and your needs.  We have our own professional crew of mechanics that have worked withus in hundreds of complexes that range from government, commercial, educational, hospital and residential use. Our Project Managers handle all of the scheduling, unforeseen circumstances and quality control for the project and act as liaison to our customers, providing updates and daily status reports.


Hunt Consulting is a Maryland based lighting, solar and full scale electrical contractor that specializes in energy consumption analysis, new solar, lighting and lighting controls systems with 20years ofexperience in the national ESCO market.


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